For Manitoulin, being corporately responsible extends beyond any terminal or local office to include its surrounding communities and those who live within. Therefore, caring for the communities in which we travel is just as important as our environmental impact upon them. We strongly believe that building a corporate responsibility program that embraces people, land and stakeholders, makes for a better Manitoulin as well as for a better world.


Red may come to mind when you think Manitoulin, but so should green.

For Manitoulin, being environmentally responsible is top priority. We are constantly doing our part in developing sustainable measures so that our environment can be passed down to the next generation. By establishing a division within the company which monitors and carries out our environmental programs, we are developing initiatives for the years ahead.

Below are some of our latest green program initiatives:

  • We’re proud to report that we reduced our emissions of particulate matter (PM) by 37% and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) by 45%.
  • We only use ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel in our engines.
  • The average age of our power fleet is 2.9 years; we are committed to replacing older engines with new ones.
  • Manitoulin Transport is SmartWay certified in the U.S. and Fleetsmart certified in Canada. 


 SmartWay  Certification (USA) | Manitoulin Transport FleetSmart Certification (Canada) | Manitoulin Transport


MANITOULIN TRANSPORT, as a transportation solutions provider, is committed to protecting the environment and continually improving our environmental performance.

We shall:

  • Minimize the adverse environmental impact of all activities, including those at our head office, operations, and maintenance, wherever possible.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and improve recycling and waste management, which not only supports our commitment to prevention of pollution, but also our commitment to continual improvement.
  • Comply with all relevant and applicable legal requirements and any other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets annually at our management review meetings, in order to continually improve our environmental management system and our environmental performance.


First Canadian Company To Be Given ISO 14001 Certification

Manitoulin Transport is proud be the first Canadian transportation and logistics company to be ISO 14001 certified in recognition of our Environmental Management System. The certification solidifies Manitoulin's position as a leader in sustainability in the industry, as we continue to implement progressive environmental programs and initiatives. 

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate (pdf)


Manitoulin provides its services via a workforce that is reflective of the multicultural society in which we live. Everyone at Manitoulin is treated with the respect and the dignity they deserve.

Manitoulin encourages an open and positive work environment where ideas are always welcomed and where no one is discriminated because of race, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or religion.