Manitoulin Transport has identified several shipments that are prohibited or restricted for storage, shipping, importing and/or exporting due to regulatory, hazard, safety or other reasons. The following restricted items may require special permits or licenses prior to shipping. Below are some instructions to be observed when transporting these type of items:



Artwork and Museum Artifacts

  • Freight will be only accepted for transport if fully crated.
  • Freight shall be transported if the declared value is $0.
Carbon Black

Carbon Black

  • Carbon black can only be transported within Canada.

E-Commerce Personal Shipments

  • Manitoulin will only accept e-commerce freight that has a $2 per lb value.
  • Freight must be well packaged and prepaid.


  • Only class 1.1 and 1.2 explosives are prohibited for transport.
  • All explosives are directly transported by Manitoulin.


Intermodal service:

  • Transport of firearms or ammunition is prohibited.

Canadian Military:

  • Firearms can be picked up and delivered for or on behalf of the Canadian military.
  • Ammunition is prohibited for transport.

Canadian Law Enforcement:

  • Firearms and ammunition can be picked up and delivered for or on behalf of recognized Canadian law enforcement agencies (i.e. RCMP or OPP).

Manufacturers / Distributors / Retail Firearms / Ammunition Dealers:

  • Firearms are eligible for transport to and from manufacturers, distributors, and retail dealers/stores.


  • Transport of firearms or ammunition to private individuals are prohibited.
  • Only class 1.1 and 1.2 ammunition are prohibited for transport.


  • Handguns are prohibited for transport.
Human Corpse  

Human Corpses and Body Parts

  • Human corpses and body parts are prohibited for transport.
Medical Waste  

Medical Waste

  • Medical waste is prohibited for transport.


  • Motorcycles can only be picked up on the dock if they are crated or palletized.
  • Motorcycles that are not crated but are on a motorcycle pallet will be transported at shippers own risk.


  • Only narcotics or drugs that are considered 'over the counter' are allowed for transport.


  • Radioactive materials that are pyrophoric or have a subsidiary classification of Class I are prohibited for transport.
  • Manitoulin Safety Management shall review and approve the pickup and delivery of category III radioactive materials. (pyrophoric or a Class 1 subsidiary)
  • Yellowcake (UN 2912) is prohibited for transport.
  • All other radioactive products in UN2912 category are acceptable for Canadian transport only.
  • All radioactive shipments in Category I and Category II can be picked up and delivered within the service points of Manitoulin Transport.
  • For non-direct points, please contact Customer Service.
Raw Hides  

Raw Hides or Pelts

  • Rawhides or pelts are subject for review upon transport.

Taxidermy Animals

  • Accepted ONLY for direct service points at Ship at Shipper's Risk AND No Valuation ($0).
Theatre Equipment  

Theatre Equipment

  • Theatre equipment must be crated.
Tool Boxes  

Tool Boxes

  • New and used tool boxes that are uncrated shall be transported if the declared value is $0.
  • Uncrated tool boxes shall be transported at shipper's risk.

Vaccines (also known as Flu Shots)

  • Vaccines, also known as flu shots, are prohibited for transport.